Imagine your own personal Chartbeat—or, to use BuzzFeed’s language, your own personal Viral Dashboard. This wouldn’t just track your blog, or your posts on a particular site. It would just track you: The number of people looking at your Facebook status updates right now; the number of people who are scrolling by your latest tweet; the number of people—recruiters, maybe!—filing through your LinkedIn profile; a constant and full accounting of every single eyeball turned toward your internet avatar. Imagine that needle, and those blinking numbers. Imagine sweating this kind of stuff, always and forever.

Right now, real-time web stats only affect your mood if you own, operate or work for a website. Personal stats wouldn’t be about anything but you. For a certain kind of super-savvy Internet Human the effect would no doubt be intoxicating. For most, it would be deflating, at best. One thing about Chartbeat’s numbers is that they’re never as high as they seem like they should be.



I’m about to have a seizure from this paragraph alone. 

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