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imageHere are some choice quotes from today’s Thursday Styles Section profile of convicted murderer Michael Alig, in no particular order:

 “I look just ADORABLE in my mess-hall whites & hair net,” Mr. Alig tweeted in Marchto his followers (he currently has 29,500).

His face looked fresh and well rested, his hair was given a jailhouse Caesar cut, and his biceps and shoulders were buffed, thanks to a “cute boy” he met who is studying to become a personal trainer.

His spin on “America’s Next Top Model”: take two wannabe club kids from Podunk towns and with no money, plunk them down in New York with $1,000 and see if they can thrive “on being fabulous,” he said

Victor P. Corona, a sociology professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, said that Mr. Alig is a bona fide fashion icon, one who paid his debt to society and made a lasting contribution to culture.

For the first time in 17 years, since he pleaded guilty to killing Andre Melendez — a fellow club kid known as Angel — in a heroin-soaked stupor in 1996, cutting up the body and tossing it into the Hudson River, Mr. Alig walked as a free man.

Mr. Alig then suffocated him with a sweatshirt and poured Drano down his throat, he said, before dumping the body in the bathtub, pouring ice over it and abandoning the apartment for the next nine days.

Mr. Alig ordered a pan-roasted Arctic char and a Coke.

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A memo from 20 years ago, today.

Key quote: “The internet is a collection of computer networks that is connected around the world…A code of ‘netiquette’ exists among users and within user groups, but otherwise, you pay your money, find your niche and take your chances.”

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"Travel isn’t about an itinerary or doing super luxurious things. It’s about being immersed in something else. Curating is better than accumulating. Edit out the unnecessary and only take what you really need."
— Dushane Ramsey  

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You’re canceling our date?… But I shaved my legs for you! 💔
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Avocado season is here, so here are 23 ways to add avo to everything you eat.