Bridge selfie☀️ 🌉✨ (at Golden Gate Bridge)


Real time visualization of tweets around the world (at Twitter HQ)

Such a fun day hanging @Twitter HQ. I 💞 SF (at Twitter HQ)

Hanging here forever (at Twitter Roofdeck)

☀️☀️☀️ view @Twitter HQ (at Twitter Roofdeck)

Perfect day for cornhole on the roof ☀️ (at Twitter HQ)

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Bey wearing a casual gardening outfit whilst pruning the family estate’s rose garden.

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#IRLClub (at Baby’s All Right)

Album Art


This is a piece from January 9, 1984 by Robert Krulwich on something called “shopping via computer.”

Key quote: “This morning, I am going to show you exactly what it’s like to shop from home electronically, because there already are a few services up and running.” 

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Sunset over downtown SF